...''These 26,000-year evolutionary and orbital cycles repeat over and over again for the entire time
 it takes the Sun to complete a full orbit around the Galactic Center.
The orbits of the entire Milky Way around the Great Central Sun, just like the orbits of your solar ring
around the Milky Way's Galactic Center, take the form of continual circles connecting like a spiral.
At the completion point of the circular orbit around the Great Central Sun of "All That Is'', the Milky Way Galaxy enters a connecting link to the next ring on the spiral, which is an initiatic step into a new evolutionary cycle as well.
This is what is occurring now. You, the people of Earth, are not only at the end of a 26,000-year Earth/Sun/Pleiadian cycle; the entire Pleiadian system, which includes your solar ring, is at the end of 230 million-year orbit around the Galactic Center; and the entire Milky Way is at the completion of an infinitely longer orbit around the Great Central Sun. All 3 of these cycles are synchronistically and simultaneously completing the last step of the spiral dance within a dance within a dance, making this a very crucial transition time.
The objective is to finish without anyone's toes getting stepped on, so the next, more sophisticated and
gracious dance can begin.
This new ring, which all of us dwelling in the Milky Way will enter fully at the beginning of 2013, begins
a new and different evolutionary cycle in relationship to God/Goddess/ All That Is. Rebirth and initiatic
spiritual leaps are being, and will continue to be, experienced. The previous galactic cycle, which is now ending, is called:"THE EVOLUTIONARY SPIRAL OF SELF-DISCOVERY AND EXPLORATION".
The new galactic cycle we are entering is called:"THE EVOLUTIONARY SPIRAL OF SELF-MASTERY AND COMPLETION".
The consciousnesses birthed during these transitional times are the products of new paradigms and new potentials, and benefit from all of the learning from the previous spiral, even if it is unconscious. It is like taking all of the dance steps learned in the previous lessons, mastering them, and then adding new steps that are much more exiting and challenging.
The time on Earth for exploration of all possibilities (including pain) is coming to an end. Those of you living on Earth at this time have had billions of years to experience all the potentials of consciousness, Light, and Dark.
You have been victim and victimizer. You have loved hated, protected, feared, known prejudice from all sides, been a peacemaker, and, in general, learned all of the options for existence. You have been incarnate and disincarnate.
You have been guides to others, and you have been guided. Most of you have been enlightened and/or ascended and fallen from grace. Hopefully, by now you have learned to suspend judgment on yourself and others and to have compassion and understanding- for you have had opportunities to experience ''it all''. Those things that you have not experienced directly, you have chosen not to because you learned vicariously through the experiences of others.
But you have had the time and opportunity to know all parts of existence.
The time is now, at hand during which you must take an ''internal inventory''. Who have you become?
To what has all of this vast experience and exploration brought you? Who are you qualitatively beyond what you have done?
The time is here now for choosing spiritual mastery and responsibility for creating and co-creating reality.
Those who do not make this choice will be peacefully and nonjudgmental removed from this galaxy and taken to another galaxy that is just entering "The evolutionary Spiral of Self-Discovery and Exploration".
There they will begin anew the process of exploring Light and Dark, learning and forgetting, etc.
And once again, when that galaxy ends its long cycle and approaches "The Evolutionary Spiral of Self-Mastery and Completion," these beings will be offered another opportunity to move forward.

(Talk given by RA of ancient Egypt,
Channeled by Amorah Kuan Yin in the book of: ''Pleiadian perspective on human evolution'')