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Lebanese Pantheon
The Lebanese have won the World and began to lose their Lebanon!
Lebanon is set for Sale by Conscience or inadvertently! Should we sell or recover? Call to all those who have faith in the Oneness of the human values and in Lebanon as a Sovereign, Free and Independent.

1- Its location on the latitude 33.86 degrees and 35.72 degrees Longitude, where the Four Seasons are very well placed, at their Accurate dates; Poor in Natural Resources on its 10 452 km2, but rich in Fine Picturesque Landscapes, Mountains where, close Sea, home to his house and Cedars Millennium part of its 4 million inhabitants, which has 18 religious communities share a common destiny.

2- Crossroads of Civilizations and Battlefields between Foreign Armies, his Past Remains, found throughout its territory reflected the important place this small country, through the Eras, from Phoenicia, to the conquest of Alexander the Great, to The Roman colonization, to the Byzantine Empire, to the Christians Maradas Arrival and Islam through the Shiites in the seventh century, to the Period of the Crusades, to the Mamluks of Egypt, to the Ottoman Empire and the Arrival of Islam through Sunni Arabs from the Arabian Peninsula on the Fourteenth Century with the Ottoman Conquest, to the Power of Maan between Maronites and Druze, to the Dynasty of Chehabs and the Feudal Framework, to the Business Influence of Venice and Genoa, to the King of France Official Protector of Christians of East, to the Province (Mutasarrifiya) Mount Lebanon, to the French Mandate, to the Launch of Independence, to the Democracy and Development and Succession Crisis until the election of Army Chief Michel Suleiman, President of the Republic, May 25, 2008 (Wikipedia).

Summer Season - Consciousness World   Autumn Season - Visible World
Compassion World
Spring Season - Knowledge World   Winter Season - Invisible World
   Four Seasons Freda Angeletti
Bucuresti Romania
From the Collective Unconscious to the Consciousness (C.G.JUNG), there is a Way of Freedom discovered by the Self passing from the Visible to the Knowledge, and Crowned by the Compassion.
3- His Minorities, related to previous Epochs, one way or another, overwhelmed by war and fear of the unknown, lost their confidence in their compatriots and they have been lost, themselves, between their attachment to their pasts, their liberties, their individuality, their religious communities, and their attachment to their homeland New Lebanon, independent since their Noble National Pact of 1943. They could not use this opportunity to consolidate their Covenant and their national unity and to establish a modern nation. They were easy matters to regional and international conspiracies to come into fratricidal wars, or to emigrate, leaving widows and orphans of fertile land dilapidated, broken a Plan, a failed state! They have not succeeded in establishing a policy and Administrative System Stable, to manage their country, in a fair and sustainable, and to stop wars between them. What should I do?

Unaware of how to save the Lebanese? How to save Lebanon? How to take advantage of their collective unconscious (Carl Gustav Jung), to transform Lebanon into a message of Peace, Harmony and Love for all the Nations of the Earth Pope Johan Paul II

"John 1:1 -
In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God.
"John 1: 2 -
It was in the beginning with God.
"John 1: 3 -
Everything was by him and without him nothing was.
"John 1: 4 -
This was in Him was Life, and Life was the Light of Men.
"John 1: 5 -
And the light shines in the darkness and the darkness did not overcome it ".

Man is created in the Invisible, was born in the Visible but evolves in the Duality of Knowledge, he made his Humanism in Consciousness, he directed his Spirit in Human Intuition and he moved through the Compassion. Thus, man is a pure remembrance of his identity.
Through the Prism, the White Light is refracted in Seven Colors! The apparent color is not in itself but is only the diffused light, not absorbed by matter! Day and Night does not come from the apparent rotation of the Sun but come from the Earth's rotation around itself! Seasons come from the rotation of the Earth around the Sun! Everything is constantly changing. Everything is Relative.Albert Einstein
Is there a Beginning of the universe?

Although I cannot know the answer to this question, I say that it is the Grace and Gratitude, which lead me to recognize that all things were created in perfection, and I only do my best to me approach, little by little, this unknown who lives in me, this "Circle whose radius is infinite and the Centre is Nowhere (Teilhard de Chardin).
I know that Life is delighted our presence here, and that the Holy God, has found joy in us.

Here is our mission and that of all the Lebanese Conscious or otherwise, which will participate for the success of this site.

Lebanese Pantheon will be more effective with your cooperation.
Alida Michel Salem and Jihad Youssef Kahil wish you the Welcome and a Happy and Fruitful Participation.