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Title: A Simple Practice of Awakening (SPIRITUALITY)
Description: After practicing for thirty years in various spiritual paths and having read hundreds of books and learning numerous methods and techniques, I am able to formulate a simple method of practice. The well known religions that are prevalent in Asia are 1) Theravada Buddhism 2) Hinduism 3) Zen Buddhism 4) Taoism 5) Islam and 6) Christianity.
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Description: We call upon the earth, our planet home, with its beautiful depths and soaring heights, its vitality and abundance of life, and together we ask that it Teach us, and show us the Way.
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Title: Avicenne (SUFISM)
Description: Avicenne est un des plus grands noms de la philosophie islamique et l‟avicennisme se situe au carrefour de la pensée orientale et de la pensée occidentale. La forme du nom sous lequel Avicenne est traditionnellement connu dans l‟histoire de la philosophie et de la médecine en Occident résulte d‟une mutation de la forme authentique Ibn Sina, advenue au cours du passage de ce nom à travers l‟Espagne.
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Description: Ian Stevenson is the former head of the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Virginia, and now is Director of the Division of Perceptual Studies at the University of Virginia. He has devoted the last 40 years to the scientific documentation of past life memories of children from all over the world and has over 3000 cases in his files. Many people, including skeptics and scholars, agree that these cases offer the best evidence yet for reincarnation.
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Title: Hidden Mind Power - Unleash the Power Of your Brain (SPIRITUALITY)
Description: Now You Can Rediscover A Thousands-Years-Old Scientifically Verifiable Secret That Numerous Successful People Unknowingly Used For Over Decades... And Easily Capture Wealth, Health, Power, Happiness ... Everything ... FASTER Than They Ever Previously Imagined Possible!
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Title: Infinite Being - Mysticism As A Key To Scientific Breakthroughs (MYSTICISM)
Description: Mystics are visionaries. That’s what gives them the edge in scientific research. Newton, Faraday and Einstein were all examples of mystics. Most of their research occurred, not in a laboratory, but within their visionary consciousness.
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Description: Kyle & Karmen are old soul mates who travel the cosmos searching for new and exciting ventures. They volunteer here at the University of Spirituality to exhibit their auric energy fields so that you can catch a glimpse of how your very own aura functions.
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Title: Joseph Zaidan New (LIFE AFTER LIFE)
Description: Start with the statement : " I AM MY UNIVERSAL GOD BODY".

Do you feel the difference? You are no longer praying as a 3D creature talking to a Spiritual Being! You are now a God Body! You are now a Spiritual Being yourself! Feel the difference. Enjoy it! You are now like a university student who has just graduated with honours, talking with your Father who has unconditional love for you, and whom you also love dearly, discussing your plans and problems.
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Description: There are certain facts which have to be faced! You are made up of 7
bodies which you can see and feel! And one of these is the Astral
body. And this body is eternal! And when you pass away it will go
back to its home in the Astral dimension. And in that dimension you
will have the choice of living in the division you like, Let me give
you a description of that event given by somebody who knows, taken
from the MDM book p.109...
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Title: Kamal Joumblatt Bulletin Board (SPIRITUALITY)
Description: Kamal Joumblatt Bulletin Board
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