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Lebanese Pantheon
We had a similar past, me and Alida, prepared by the Providence; An Orthodox School has prepared our First Meeting in life, as professors, to fall in love and to be attached to an alchemical wedding that transcended our Being and made us disciples of the Light that unquenchable. We've built a happy family with a Son, Sami, and Two Daughters, Cynthia and Elsa, who are all married with children.
In our Quest for the Light, we shared the thoughts of Ludovic Van Beethoven when he said that his masters are Socrates and Jesus Christ.

The Chivalrous Spirit embalmed our forecourt and Rose remained our Companion Road at Crossroads of Time, in the Eternal Present.
    Lebanon is more than a homeland for us:
  • It embodies our dreams and our Magnificent Commitment to Truth, Beauty and the Summum Bonum.
  • The Millennium Cedars are planted by the Hand of God Jehovah, have been introduced in the construction of the Temple of Solomon and symbolize our pride and our Freedom.
  • The Remains of the Past, discovered on its territory and its Eighteen Religious Communities, which are only the minority of the East that had threatened through the Centuries, by Totalitarian Regimes and fanaticism of all kinds still bear, both a religious and cultural message, double polarity History and Aesthetics.

It is our duty to protect, Remains of the Past and Communities, and save them to disclose this message, in all its authenticity, for Future Generations. Note that the instructions of the French Revolution of 1794 state: "You are the custodians of a good from which The Family has the right to demand accountability."
Remember that the Great Dreams make Great People.
Let us all unite for the Safeguarding of Lebanon, Free, Sovereign and Independent.

Alida Michel El Khoury Salem and Jihad Youssef Kahil
Sunday, May 2, 2010.